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Seatown Sound's

recording release concert


Over St. Patrick's Day weekend this year, we booked an airbnb in Gold Bar and locked ourselves away to do some recording. We worked uncharacteristically hard and came away with several whole-group recordings and one multi-track recording, with our resident sound technician Mark Engelberg behind the mic. To mix those tracks, we hired Roopak Ahuja from the pro a cappella group Mo5aic, and we are so pleased with the results. Seatown Sound is proud to share this recording of what has become one of our signature songs: "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac.


Set 1


The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel, as covered by Disturbed

Arranged by SS's Michael Latham

Solo by Jon Courtney

Settle Down by Kimbra

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Solo by Shelby Windom

Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith

Arranged by Shams Ahmed

Edited by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Solo by Katie Hall

First Burn, adapted from Burn from Hamilton

by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Solos by the women of Seatown Sound



Set 2


Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas

       Adapted and arranged by Aaron Lichtner

       Solo by Sarah Hooper

Don't Speak by No Doubt

       Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

       Solo by Katie Hall

Yoü and I by Lady Gaga

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner, Aditi Dugar, and Kathleen Gilbert

Solo by Kathleen Gilbert

Boy Band Medley by various artists

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Solos in order: Aaron Lichtner, Matt Reyes, Kathleen Gilbert, Rachel Bodansky, Sarah Hooper, Evan Kuykendall



The Chicken Dance

Arranged by SS's Aaron Lichtner

Drinks and Adieus

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